How to Use DayClips for Healthcare Marketing

     DayClips is more than online scheduling.  The typical patient in today’s healthcare environment seeks information about their current practitioners and finds new healthcare providers on the Internet.  And DayClips may help healthcare practices engage with current and prospective patients using a wide variety of online strategies.

DayClips engages patients through:

  • Search engine optimization of your practice

DayClips uses proprietary software to help your ranking on searches performed on the Internet.  Check it for yourself; in many cases healthcare providers rank among the first few pages when a patient performs a Google search for your name or the name of your practice.

  • Website optimization

Convert internet visitors into patients with the DayClips scheduling widget.  Visitors can book directly with your office from your website, blog, or social page.  The DayClips scheduling widgets takes about a minute to install and may reap benefits for your practice almost every day.

  • Mobile applications

Patients using any form of mobile device can interact with your practice on DayClips.  A cell phone or IPad can be used to find your practice and immediately schedule an appointment.  The DayClips mobile platform is easy to navigate and facilitates appointments directly from your website, blog or social page.

  • Audiovideos

DayClips gives the practitioners the option of posting an audiovisual on your listing.  This has been useful for prospective patients who are narrowing choices for a service provider.  The audiovisual is also a great opportunity to introduce members of your staff and services you offer.  Patients feel much more comfortable after seeing a favorable presentation.

  • Parking

Parking can be a huge issue, especially in busy city or suburban areas.  DayClips can provide to subscribing members a realtime guide that informs patients of parking options near your office.  In many cases patients can be given parking discounts that further incentivize them to visit your office.

  • Online reputation management

Like it or not, online reviews or you and your practice are viewed among prospective and current patients.  With DayClips you can select and choose which online review sites are displayed.  You choose among top sites including Yelp, HealthGrades, and Vitals.  You can also link a customized review page for patients to see.  Online reputation management can be an important means of protecting your online reputation.

  • Social Media

Many practice management advisors recommend optimizing your practice’s exposure on the Internet through YouTube, Yelp and Google+.  DayClips promotes your social media through strategic links on the site.

  • HIPAA-Ready

DayClips takes security very seriously and we purposely go to great lengths to prevent hacking and unauthorized access.  DayClips incorporates firewalls, encryption and time-outs as recommended by security experts.  Our level of security is far beyond that of many other scheduling programs.  We are proud of our security approval ratings from Norton, Starfield Technologies, and Microsoft.

     Discover all the benefits of DayClips through a free trial.  DayClips offers a monthly subscription service with features that help you book patients 24 hours a day.  With offices that have few monthly bookings, DayClips offers a unique subscription service that is based only on the number of online appointments generated and confirmed by DayClips.

     Try DayClips and see for yourself.  DayClips can help your practice thrive.