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Last updated April 11, 2013


We recognize that your relationship with the DayClips online appointment scheduling system is based on trust. Because your personal information is private, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in their safekeeping and use.

Our web site uses some of the most secure forms of online communication available, including data encryption. Secure Layer (SSL) protocol, and user names and passwords. These technologies provide a high level of security and privacy when you access our website, initiate appointment scheduling, or send secure messages. For your protection, we strongly recommend that you do not provide your user name or password to anyone. If you become aware of any suspicious activity relating to your user name or password, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately.  If your computer communication is through your employer, your employer may own all electronic communication sent to that address. If your computer communication is a family address, other family members may see electronic communication. If you use an internet service provider (ISP), there is a small risk that others may intercept electronic communication. It is also important for you to know that office staff of a doctor, dentist, or office of another Service Provider, may read electronic communication you send to their office.

Our employees have access to personal information in the course of doing their jobs, such as: a) managing existing accounts; b) developing new products; or c) advising users and service providers of our products and services. As required by federal law, we will have available our privacy policy whenever you access our website. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. Therefore, please feel free to check this section of our website at any time.

As Required by the Privacy Regulations Created as a Result of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


DayClips is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your confidential information and individually identifiable health information (IIHI). In conducting our business, we create demographic records and communicate confidential and IIHI between you and your services provider. We are required by law to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information and health information that identifies you. We also are required by law to provide you with this notice of our legal duties and the privacy practices that we maintain in our web site concerning your IIHI. By federal and state law, we must follow the terms of the notice of privacy practices that we have in effect at the time.

We realize that these laws are complicated, but we must provide you with the following important information:
- How we may use and disclose your IIHI
- Your privacy rights in your IIHI
- Our obligations concerning the use and disclosure of your IIHI.


A. The terms of this notice apply to all records containing your IIHI that are created or retained by our website. We reserve the right to revise or amend this Notice of Privacy Practices. Any revision or amendment to this Notice will be effective for all of your records that DayClips has created or maintained in the past, and for any of your records that we may create or maintain in the future. Your health care service provider may post a copy of his/her current Notice of Privacy Policy in their office in a visible location at all times, and you may request a copy of their current Notice at any time.

B. If you have any questions about our private policy, please contact DayClips at

C. DayClips may use your confidential information or identifiable Health Information (IIHI) for internal analysis of our website. DayClips occasionally analyzes web traffic patterns of information so as to enhance our services and respond to changes in communication needs. For example, appointment for a specific diagnosis may demand that we include that diagnosis when booking appointments. DayClips may also use confidential information or IIHI to conduct cost-management and business planning activities  DayClips may use and disclose your IIHI when booking, changing, or cancelling appointments with your healthcare service provider. We do not sell information about you.

D. DayClips may use and disclose confidential information or IIHI in the following ways: appointment reminders, appointment changes, appointment cancellations, appointment modifications. Methods of communication included in the use and disclosure of confidential information include, but are not limited to, email, FAX, telephone, and U.S. mail. In most instances, DayClips merely serves as a conduit for appointment scheduling and communication between you and your service provider. Your healthcare service provider is obligated to follow rules and regulations under HIPAA and you should contact his/her office for details of their Privacy Policy.

Contact your healthcare service provider or other service provider directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding their Privacy Policy.

E. Disclosures Required By Law
DayClips will use and disclose your confidential information or IIHI when we are required to do so by federal, state or local law. DayClips may disclose data as permitted or required to law enforcement officials, in response to subpoenas, regulators, or to prevent fraud.

The following categories describe unique scenarios in which we may use or disclose your identifiable health information:

2. Public Health Risks
DayClips may disclose your IIHI to public health authorities that are authorized by law to collect information for the purpose of:
- maintaining vital records, such as births and deaths
- reporting child abuse or neglect
- preventing or controlling disease, injury or disability
- notifying a person regarding potential exposure to a communicable disease
- notifying a person regarding a potential risk for spreading or contracting a disease or condition
- reporting reactions to drugs or problems with products or devices
- notifying individuals if a product or device they may be using has been recalled
- notifying appropriate government agency(ies) and authority(ies) regarding the potential abuse or neglect of an adult patient (including domestic violence); however, we will only disclose this information if the patient agrees or we are required or authorized by law to disclose this information
- notifying your employer under limited circumstances related primarily to workplace injury or illness or medical surveillance.

3. Legal Requirements for Oversight
DayClips may be required by law to disclose your IIHI to a health oversight agency for activities authorized by law. Oversight activities can include, for example, investigations, inspections, audits, surveys, licensure and disciplinary actions; civil, administrative, and criminal procedures or actions; or other activities necessary for the government to monitor government programs, compliance with civil rights laws and the health care system in general.

4. Lawsuits and Similar Proceedings
DayClips may use and disclose confidential information including your IIHI in response to a court or administrative order. For example, if you are involved in a lawsuit or similar proceeding, DayClips may disclose your confidential information or IIHI in response to a discovery request, subpoena, or other lawful process by another party involved in a legal dispute.

5. Law Enforcement
DayClips may release confidential information or IIHI if asked to do so by a law enforcement official: - Regarding a crime victim in certain situations.
- Concerning a death that may have resulted from criminal conduct.
- Regarding criminal conduct at DayClips.
- In response to a warrant, summons, court order, subpoena or similar legal process.
- To identify/locate a suspect, material witness, fugitive or missing person.
- In an emergency, to report a crime (including the location or victim(s) of the crime, or the description, identity or location of the perpetrator).

6. Serious Threats to Health or Safety
DayClips may use and disclose your confidential information or IIHI when necessary to reduce or prevent a serious threat to your health and safety or the health and safety of another individual or the public. Under these circumstances, we will only make disclosures to a person or organization able to help prevent the threat.

7. National Security

DayClips may disclose your confidential information or IIHI to federal officials for intelligence and national security activities authorized by law. DayClips may also disclose your confidential information or IIHI to federal officials in order to protect the President, other officials or foreign heads of state, or to conduct investigations.

8. Inmates
DayClips may disclose your IIHI to correctional institutions or law enforcement officials if you are an inmate or under the custody of a law enforcement official. Disclosure for these purposes would be necessary: (a) for the institution to provide health care services to you, (b) for the safety and security of the institution, and/or (c) to protect your health and safety or the health and safety of other individuals.

9. Rights

You have the following rights regarding confidential information and IIHI that we maintain about you:

A. Right to File a Complaint

If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you may file a complaint with DayClips at DayClips is not authorized or obligated to negotiate, resolve, arbitrate, or intervene in any dispute you have with a service provider. You will not be penalized by DayClips for filing a complaint.

B. Right to Provide an Authorization for Other Uses and Disclosures
DayClips may obtain your authorization for uses and disclosures that are not identified by this notice or permitted by applicable law.

10. Ads

The ads appearing on DayClips are provided by third party advertisers. We share website usage information with who we believe are reputable third parties for the purpose of targeted advertisements on DayClips. DayClips contains links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by DayClips. Please be aware that DayClips is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other such websites.

DayClips encourages you to be aware when you leave our web site and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. The DayClips privacy statement applies only to information collected by DayClips.

In the event that DayClips goes through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, your identifying information may be transferred.

For additional information regarding official policy on HIPAA and how the HIPAA privacy ruling applies to DayClips, you are referred to the following web site:

DayClips reserves the right to change our Privacy Policy to meet legal requirements and business needs. DayClips encourages you to frequently visit our website and review any changes made to our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding this notice, handling of confidential information, or our Privacy Policy, please contact DayClips at

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