DayClips Features

   Key Advantages of DayClips

  • Appointment confirmations and reminders by email and text messaging

  • Bounceback notifications lets you know if your appointment messages are not getting through

  • Backup utility lets you backup your calendar as often as you like

  • Merge utility lets you combine duplicate accounts without losing data

  • Quantum Leap Optimizer allows search engine optimization of your business to enhance your visibility on the internet

  • Video option for business listings

  • Schedule-Now link for appointments directly from your website

  • Notification of missed appointments and recapture

  • Book 'n Save button on your website facilitates promotions that draw appointments and paying customers, clients, and patients
Book 'n Save


Free Access

  • Free robust scheduling
  • Database management
  • Free backup utility
  • Free tools and resources

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  • Calendar sync with Outlook, Google and Apple calendars
  • Master calendar that integrates appointments
    made online with those made by phone and in-person


  • Online and in-person
  • International scheduling
  • Reoccurring appointments
  • Multiple staff scheduling
  • Private services scheduling
  • Rescheduled appointments report
  • Retroactive appointments integrity
  • Instant alerts for appointments and cancellations


  • Recall module
  • Email bounceback notification
  • Appointment confirmations, reminders, and recall

Cellular-sms/text messaging

  • Mobile app
  • Instant alerts for appointments and cancellations
  • Appointment confirmations, reminders, and recall
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  • Newsletters
  • Business tools
  • Business directory
  • Free small business website
  • Audiovisual presentation of your business


  • Online payments
  • Accept payments or deposits in advance for your services


  • Staff reports
  • Daily Calendar
  • Appointments analysis
  • Electronic trail of appointments
  • Rescheduled appointments report
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Website Development

  • Website widgets
  • Schedule Now link
  • Free business website
  • Website enhancement
  • Search engine optimization for your website