About DayClips and our Values

Our Core Values
    At DayClips we persevere to provide useful technology that facilitates great service and profits for your business.  We do that by enhancing your online presence and encouraging online appointments.  Since our launch in 2007, we have booked thousands of appointments for a diverse array of businesses and their satisfied clients, customers, and patients.
Dedicated service
            We are genuinely focused in the success of our customers.  DayClips facilitates communication between our customers and their clients, customers, and patients in ways that help them achieve their goals.  We strongly support continued innovation to help our customers succeed.
Passion for what we do best
             The time-tested advice of following your dream is our mantra.  We work hard in everything we do because we feel responsible to our loyal customers.  The innovative products we introduce to raise the bar are a source of great satisfaction.
 Quality over quantity
             We listen to our customers to constantly excel in the design and development of our products.  No matter what the source, every customer has a voice that deserves to be heard.  We are mindful of the smallest details that can make the biggest differences.
             DayClips is a group effort with our customers and our team of programmers, design engineers, marketing planners, and our customers.  We realize that meaningful success is dependent on the efforts of many individuals with common goals.
Striving to get as good as it gets
     We understand that almost everything people make can get better.  We constantly strive to improve our products and services, setting the bar higher with each effort.  We recognize that our greatest asset is the trust that thousands of people put in us.  They trust that we will always put your interests ahead of our own, that we will always operate with the highest level of integrity and ethics.  Integrity is not only the right thing but also a great business strategy because it in turn engenders trust and loyalty