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Wellness Science & Beyond

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5100 Thompson Terrace
Colleyville, Texas
Phone (817) 428-0527
Fax (817) 428-0652

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Linda works on the largest organ, our skin. In her Mechanical Facelift, Linda works on the muscles, cells, collagen and surface of the skin. Some of her most popular treatments include: Ultrasonic Lipo, Radio Frequency Body Contouring, Cellulite Treatments, Natural Breast Enhancement (lifting, firming and/or enlarging treatments), Natural Butt Enhancement (lifting, firming and/or enlarging treatments), Mechanical Facelifts (which include: a chemical peel or microdermabrasion or a gentle exfoliation, galvanic currents, microcurrents to lift and tighten the muscles, radio frequency (to tighten and brighten the skin), ultrasound to build collagen and give plumpness), and LED Light Therapy to regenerate cells), and acne treatments. Our prices are not competitive, they cannot even be considered competitive because they are so low. Not only are we a result oriented facility, but our goal is to make beauty, relaxation and health affordable for everyone!!