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Automated Appointment


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DayClips lets you know...

  • Instantly and wherever you are, when appointments are scheduled
  • When an email address or cell phone number is invalid
  • When multiple appointments are made within a week by a client or patient
  • Identify clients or patients who have rescheduled their appointments
  • Merge multiple accounts for the same client into one account without losing data
  • Which appointments were made retroactively
  • Important information to enhance your visibility on the internet
  • When you may use SmartRecapture to notify clients of missed appointments and to reschedule their appointments
Book Now Button

You have the option of choosing from a library of images to paste a Book Now button into your website or blog.  Do you have a favorite image for Book Now?  No problem.  DayClips can convert your image into a Book Now button with a few clicks.

Calendar Scheduling from your Site

Paste your menu of services on your website or blog for direct scheduling.  This is the way to go for increasing client convenience and satisfaction.

Appointment Scheduling
  • Online and in-person
  • International scheduling
  • Reoccurring appointments
  • Multiple staff scheduling
  • Private services scheduling
  • Rescheduled appointments reporting
  • Retroactive appointments integrity
  • Instant alerts for appointments and cancellations
  • Widgets that allow visitors to book appointment directly from your website or blog


  • Newsletters
  • Business tools
  • Business directory
  • Free small business website
  • Audiovisual presentation of your business

Benefits of DayClips

Compare and Contrast DayClips and the Competition

Regardless of your profession, running a modern office can be demanding. You and your office staff probably never seem to have enough time when it comes to working in a busy office. One way to make your scheduling more efficient is to use a high quality online scheduling system such as DayClips. Patients are able to book appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No perpetual waiting on hold. DayClips scheduling is very efficient and effective. DayClips is the best appointment scheduling system on the Internet.

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