Fadi E. Saba, MD
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Fadi E. Saba, MD

Type of business:

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Professional Health Care of Pinellas, Inc.
St. Petersburg, Florida
Phone (727) 322-1054
Fax (727) 322-2725

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American University of Beirut
Good Samaritan Hospital, Baltimore


lAmerican College of Physicians
American Board of Hospital Physicians
American College of Ethical Physicians
American Medical Association
Pinellas County Medical Society
Florida Medical Association

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He attended American University of Beirut and received his MD degree in June, 1993. He completed his Residency at Good Samaritan Hospital, John Hopkins System, Baltimore, MD in 1996. Dr. Saba started Professional Health Care of Pinellas, Inc. in St. Petersburg, in 1997. His practice includes office, hospital, nursing home and various long-term facility visits. Dr. Saba is a member of American College of Physicians, The American Board of Hospital Physicians, The American College of Ethical Physicians, American Medical Association, Pinellas County Medical Society and Florida Medical Association. Dr. Fadi Saba is Medical Review Office Certification Council
American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Hospice and Palliative Care