User Login and Registration Help


Member Login

Enter your Username (case sensitive) and Password to complete your appointment scheduling.  At the same time, you gain access to your private page on DayClips.  From here you may schedule other appointments, review your appointment calendar, or change your registration profile.

Member Privacy

Your service provider may enter and change your appointment as needed.  However, once a member sets up an account or logs into DayClips, only that member has access to his/her account.

Recognition of Members with Similar or Identical Names

Members with similar or identical names are individually recognized by their nickname.  A nickname may be assigned by a service provider or chosen by a member.  A nickname may be the last four digits of a social security number, a birthdate, or a special name.

Multiple Appointments

For your privacy and ease of access, DayClips requires you to setup a PIN number and nickname.  Your nickname will be used to identify you among others with similar or identical names.  Your information may be used to make appointments with multiple service providers using the same registration information.  Your personalized calendar will display all of your appointments under the same registration.