Pacific Blue Air
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Pacific Blue Air

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Flight Instruction

Flight Instruction

Courtney Brin, CEO
Hawthorne, CA
Phone (310) 570-9390

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Shortly thereafter, Henry went on to become a skydiving instructor with the United States Parachute Association. He has over 8,000 skydives, 5,000 of which were training jumps with first time students.




Jack Northrup Main Airport

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The Revo Evolution is the top of the line aircraft in Weight-Shift Control Light Sport Aviation. The Revos are factory-built and FAA certified as S-LSA. Each are tested for 6 g's positive and 3 g's negative, stronger than most conventional aircraft

Each aircraft is equipped with a ballistic-deployed parachute that could float the entire aircraft down to a safe landing. They are also equipped with a GPS based, emergency location transmitter and transponder.